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Hüppe who introduced shower enclosure to Europe and Turkey will continue to be the pioneer of quality, aesthetics and functionality in your bathroom.

Hüppe Group founded in Germany by Justin Hüppein 1889. Europe continent met shower enclosure in 1966 by Hüppe. Since this date, Hüppe who has been identified with innovation and quality and has become a driving force, a trend setter not only in Europe, the world shower enclosure market and will continue to be the determinant.

Hüppe joined the Masco family of companies in 1986. Masco Corporation is omanufacturers of brand-name consumer products for the ne of the world's largest home and family, including Behr ®paint, BrassCraft ® water supply products, Delta® and Hansgrohe ® faucets, bath and shower fixtures, KarftMaid ®, Merillat ® and Quality ™ cabinets and Milgard ® windows and doors. Masco is also a leading provider of services that include the installation of insulation for homebuilders. Comprised of more than 20 companies, the Masco family operates nearly 60 manufacturing facilities in the United States and over 20 in other parts of the world.

Hüppe Turkey was established by Turkish entrepreneurs under the name İntermart in Adana in 1986. İntermart, current today is Hüppe Turkey is the first company who introduced shower enclosure in Turkey. İntermart, in the first period, provided shower enclosures for consumers again by making an license agreement with an American company and brought Turkey. İntermart’s brand “Duşakabin” has been said with the product name and became generic name Shower Enclosure product. After Customs Union Treaty of European Union including Turkey in 1994, İntermart and Hüppe Germany paths were intercepted, cooperation starting with the license agreement of a few products led by Hüppe Germany's buying of all İntermart shares in the beginning of 1995. Since April 2006 , the 'İntermart' name was changed to 'Hüppe Turkey'. From this date products are provided with “Hüppe” brand on the market.