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Since 1889...

1889 Formation of Hüppe as a supplier to upholsterers and saddlers
1925 Justin Hüppe produces Venetian blinds and sun blinds
1955 Introduction of room partitioning systems
1966 Hüppe becomes the first supplier of shower enclosures in Germany
1973 Formation of subsidiary Hüppe S.A.R.L., France
1974 Formation of the autonomous Hüppe Duscha division
1979 Hüppe Duscha taken over by BATIG, Hamburg
1984 Hüppe becomes a subsidiary of PEGULAN, Frankenthal
1987 Becomes subsidiary of MASCO Corp., USA
1988 Expansion of the company's premises in Bad Zwischenahn by addition of the Information Center Hüppe (ICH)
1993 Formation of subsidiary Hüppe Belgium N.V./S.A., Belgium
1994 Formation of subsidiary Hüppe BV, The Netherlands
1995 Formation of the subsidiaries Hüppe S.r.l., Italy, Hüppe Ges.mbH, Switzerland, Hüppe s.r.o., Czech Republic
1995 Takeover of Hüppe Spain (so called Reser s.l., Spain)
1995 Takeover of Hüppe TR (so called Intermart, Turkey)
1996 Formation of subsidiary Hüppe Sp.z.o.o., Poland
1999 Formation of subsidiary Hüppe K.F.T., Hungary
2003 Hüppe, the complete shower area specialist


Justin Hüppe
Justin Hüppe
First Logo
First Hüppe logo