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The leading brand of the global shower enclosure industry, Hüppe, with the responsibility of being leader aims to keep consumer's security in the top-level. Environmentally sensitive, respectful to people as a necessity and in its production and selection of suppliers' environmental, health and safety of workers' shows maximum sensitivity on legal regulations. Quality is everyone’s duty in Hüppe and it will not be checked, produced by awareness of the product from raw material procurement stage until the factory output stage, the necessary quality assurance measurements are taken throughout the whole process and implements. From raw materials to final product all quality standards are prepared clearly and concisely and will be archived. Products are barcoded to provide effective tracking to ensure possible quality complaints. With this traceability of the product in question, issues such as when produced, in which line is produced by even who , can be easily reached and the necessary precautions are taken.

No doubt all Hüppe products have TSE and German TUV-GS certificates. In addition, all Hüppe products to ensure quality and safety standards that TÜV tests require at the highest level on a very challenging tests are passed.