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(for 50km. diameter)
Outside the City
(for 50-100 km.diameter)
Outside the City
(for 100-150 km.diameter)
Long Distance
( for >150 km.diameter)
Local Shower Enclosure 165 243 380 Special Price
Hüppe Import (Sliding Doors) 241 307 416 Special Price
Hüppe Import (Swing Doors) 350 438 569 Special Price
Shower Enclosure Disassembly 82 122 190 Special Price
Shower Enclosure Disassembly / Assembly         247            365             570    Special Price
Service         90            115             169    Special Price

• All Prices are TL and excluding V.A.T.
• For Princess Islands : Local Price +330 TL.
• Other Islands (Gökçeada, Bozcaada, Avşa, Marmara Adası etc.): Special Price * 
• 50% of the Installation Price is billed if Measurement Taking does not turn as an Order.
• Contract Conditions are valid for Project Business installations .
• Service Fee is required for the below circumstances:
   - If installation cannot be done since necessary preparations are not completed in the installation address
   - If any type of customer originated disruption occurs before or during the scheduled time and installation cannot be done.
   - Service request call which is out of scope of warranty (service fee does not cover spare parts.)
• Local and outside city distances start from service point.

*Please contact our Customer Service if Special Price is needed.